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About Our Companies

On the left menu we have links to companies, organizations or projects, which are supported by or have direct cooperation with Better Globe Group. You can go directly to each company, organization or project's web page by clicking on the links.

The Companies in the Better Globe Group:

Better Globe Forestry Ltd. - Kenya

This forestry company is the mother company of all our forest companies and is the company doing the planning, physical plantation, hiring people and having the executive responsibility of planting the trees and seeing to that all the studies like Environmental Impact Assessment and Feasibility studies are done in a proper way. Better Globe Forestry has approximately 100,000 ha land available with 3 tree plantations in Kiambere, Nyongoro and Sosoma in Kenya so far and also runs a 45 acres test and training farm in Kibwesi in Kenya for trees and agriculture projects. This mother company has also implemented a quality management system for environment in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard.

The company work close with the Government and communities wherever we have a tree plantation and provide people with jobs, water, building schools and agricultural help through Microfinance, so they can become self-sustainable.

Better Globe Media Inc - USA

Better Globe Media is our official media channel for all of our projects, with the main focus on Better Globe Forestry's work in Eastern Africa. All related news to our projects are published here, like articles from newspapers, blog articles, awards, image galleries videos etc. You can also visit our official social media channels like Facebook and Twitter from there.

Trees4Shopping AS - Norway

Trees4Shopping offers the most unique and prestigious green loyalty and savings program on the market. Through their partners, the customers save 25 percent on everything they buy. A percentage of all sales is dedicated to buy trees. When the trees are harvested, all their customers receive 25% back on their original purchases. You save as you buy and the loyalty program is free.

Mukau Wood Ltd. - Kenya

This company will grow a type of mahogany tree called Mukau (Melia Volkensii) on 30.000 Ha land in Kenya. The tree is fast growing and has approx. 50 cm diameter bole already after 18-20 years. The structure of the wood is beautiful and the quality is similar to other known mahogany or teak trees. A Feasibility study has also been made for this project, which shows very positive profitability. We have for more than 5 years worked on "In Vitro" production of Mukau in a Belgian Laboratory and got the first "protocol" to clone these trees at the end of 2011. The Mukau tree is to be made into furniture and floor tiles etc. when the trees are fully-grown.

Better Globe AS – Norway

This sales company is incorporated in Norway as a marketing company that sells trees for profit to people all over the world. Better Globe is the first company in the world with this unique system that we have called:

“A Charity System that Pays an Interest on the Donations.”

This means that anyone who buys a tree for €17 will get €191 back in profit over 20 years. This way everybody can “afford” to buy trees, because the more you do this the more money you will get back. Moreover, it is good for the environment and gives employment to poor farmers in Africa.

Better Mangos Ltd. – Kenya

This company will grow a type of mangos called “Apple mangos.” We have 5000 ha land in South Nyongoro for planting mango trees the coming years. We already have 5 years experience with 1,500 Apple mango trees in our Mukuyu farm in Kibwezi in Kenya. Mangos have a huge market both in Kenya and for export.

Better Globe Forestry Ltd. - Uganda

This forestry company is incorporated in Uganda and will start the tree planting process later. The company intends to start massive tree planting on dry land in the North-East of Uganda in the years to come.

Integrity First Ltd. - Uganda

This company is publishing the Book "Put Integrity First" with the subtitle "If you want success in Africa", by our Chairman Rino Solberg. By getting this book to the young people in Africa they will hopefully learn and be motivated to use Integrity to become successful. We believe this will be a great help in fighting corruption in Africa, by starting with the young people and think long term. This book is given free as an e-book to all students in schools and universities in Africa.

A FREE version of the e-book, Put Integrity First, can be downloaded here.

Africa2Trust Ltd. - Uganda

This company aims at becoming the biggest and most used African Internet portal, with all you need to know about all countries in Africa for business or leisure. The company also has the goal to make it easier for small African companies to sell their products abroad and create contacts with the international market through this website.

Total Quality Management Ltd. (Uganda and Kenya)

Total Quality Management Ltd (TQM) is a consultancy company with a mission of building leadership through quality, promoting integrity and effectiveness in African business. TQM were the pioneers in bringing the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) Quality Management systems concept to Uganda in 1994.
The major role of TQM is to help companies achieve better quality and effectivity through ISO Certification.

TQM has helped 86 companies in Uganda and 14 companies in Kenya getting certified to ISO 9000 and ISO 14001 series standard. Some of the companies we have offered consultancy services to in Uganda include; Sheraton Hotel, Uganda Batteries, Alam Group, Casements Africa, Hima Cement, Hwan Sung, Nile Breweries, Adtranz, Nile Bank, Roofings, Sadolin paints, Steel Rolling Mills, Total Oil, National Medical Stores, Uganda Aluminium Ltd., Rwenzori Highland Tea Co, Uganda Travel Bureau and Roco Construction, to mention only a few.